Video: Think ‘Non-GMO Project Verified’ foods are GMO free? Think again

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Did you ever wonder why products with the Non-GMO Project label don’t say “contains zero GMOs” or “GMO-free”? It’s because the company doesn’t want to mislead the consumer! According to the Non-GMO Project’s own standards, a product can be contaminated with up to 5% and still have a Non-GMO Project Verified label slapped on the side of it. Call me crazy, but surely the amount of GMOs allowed in a product with a label that says “Non-GMO Project Verified” should be zero! The fact that there is an allowance means that Non-GMO Verified doesn’t mean non-GMO!

The Non-GMO Project Verification is a scam, in my opinion. It’s predatory marketing disguised as a grassroots movement relying on, and amplifying, the ignorance of its own consumers. It survives by distorting science and promoting a false narrative that GMOs pose a real health risk.

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The company ignores the scientific consensus on GMOs, opting instead to promote fantasies from people who, if they had their way, would let a large chunk of the world’s population go hungry. The fact that the label doesn’t necessarily mean the product is GMO-free is as deceptive as putting a “does not contain human” label on soylent green. The label is meaningless, just a way to scare consumers into paying a premium!

Original video: The Great Non-GMO Project Verification Swindle

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