Does LSD microdosing change how people see the world?

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Image: Joe Bird/Alamy

You’ve probably heard about microdosing, the “productivity hack” popular among Silicon Valley engineers and business leaders. Microdosers take regular small doses of LSD or magic mushrooms. At these doses, they don’t experience mind-bending, hallucinatory trips, but they say they get a jolt in creativity and focus that can elevate work performance, help relationships, and generally improve a stressful and demanding daily life.

[Researcher Devin] Terhune looked specifically at the way the subjects perceive time. When shown a blue dot on a screen for a specific length of time, the subjects were asked to recreate that length of time by pressing a key. Typically, with longer time intervals, people under-represent time (i.e. hold the key down for a shorter period of time than reality). In the study, those who received microdoses held the key longer, better representing the actual time interval.

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Disrupting the brain’s default way of representing time, though, may beneficial in certain daily tasks or creative pursuits. That’s not clear yet, and the relationship between time perception and cognitive function needs to be further developed.  Importantly, though, the finding does show that microdoses changed brain function in some way, despite not inducing a strong drug “feeling.”

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