Viewpoint: ‘Race realists’ distort science to promote controversial political views

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White supremacists rally in Charlottesville. Image: Evelyn Hockstein/Washington Post

Far-right and anti-immigrant groups have once more become visible and powerful across Europe and the US.

I have spent the last few years investigating the tumorous growth of this brand of intellectual racism. Not the racist thugs who confront us in plain sight, but the well-educated ones in smart suits, the ones with power.


Within this cabal are those who look to science to shore up their political views. Some describe themselves as “race realists”, reflecting how they see the scientific truth as being on their side (and because calling yourself a racist is still unpalatable, even to most racists). For them, there are innate biological differences between population groups, making entire nations, for instance, naturally smarter than others. …

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These so-called scholars are slippery – they use euphemisms, scientific-looking charts and arcane arguments. Riding the wave of populism around the world and harnessing the internet to communicate and publish, they have also become bolder.


There is no gene that exists in all the members of one racial group and not another. We are all, every one of us, a product of ancient and recent migration. We have always been in the melting pot together.

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