Nutritionist: You can’t buy GMO wheat—so don’t blame it for celiac disease

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Amber Pankonin, a registered dietitian and an adjunct instructor in the science department at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, places trust in the safety of food products containing genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

“Many people are surprised to learn that I am very comfortable eating GMO foods and feeding them to my family,” the Lincoln-based food expert says. “Some 1,800 studies have looked at the safety of GMOs, and they (researchers) have not found any cause for alarm or concern.”

Before a GMO can be introduced into the marketplace, it must be tested to prove that it does not include allergens that do not exist in the non-GMO version of that food.

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“If you’re not allergic to a certain food in non-GMO form, then you are not going to be allergic to its GMO counterpart,” Pankonin says.

“While some folks might be sensitive to wheat or gluten, the fact is there is no GMO wheat on the market today. So there is simply no way that genetically modified wheat has anything to do with the rise of celiac disease ….

Read full, original article: ‘If you aren’t allergic to a non-GMO food, there’s no reason to fear its GMO counterpart’

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