Paper popular with creationists retracted 30 years after publication

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A paper by a Russian researcher who has been dogged by allegations of fraud has been retracted, 30 years to the month after its publication, and 25 years after the journal published a strongly critical letter to the editor.

The 1989 paper on the genetics of wild timber voles by Dmitrii A. Kuznetsov in the International Journal of Neuroscience was, according to Dan Larhammar, a professor of molecular cell biology at Uppsala University in Sweden and now president of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, being used by creationists as evidence for their beliefs. …

Larhammar told Retraction Watch he was surprised, a year ago, to learn that the article was still available without a retraction stamp. Larhammar, who is chair of the Academy’s working group on research misconduct, contacted the journal’s editor in October of last year, and after an exchange of eight emails, the paper was retracted.

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Kuznetsov resigned as editor in chief of two journals — the British Journal of Medicine and Medical Research and the International Research Journal of Pure and Applied Chemistry — in 2013 after The Scientist reported on numerous allegations that he had committed scientific misconduct.

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