Viewpoint: DNA-tailored diets? Sorry, but the science isn’t there yet

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Genetic testing services that tell you what to eat based on your DNA are everywhere. Will tailoring my diet to my genes lead to better health?

Overall, my take is that while some of these tests may provide a genuinely helpful tidbit here or there, they are generally based on science that is not nearly established enough to rely on. Right now, there is no solid evidence that eating a certain diet based on your specific genes will make you slimmer, happier, or healthier. (Sorry!)

In an NBC article, the founder of Nutrigenomix said “There’s research now showing that people who get DNA-based dietary advice are more likely to follow recommendations.” So if it works, it could be because subconsciously you take the recommendations—which in many cases would be the same kind of advice you’d get from any nutritionist—more seriously simply because someone told you it was made.for.your.body. You’re no chump, and these tests are not cheap.

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Am I saying someday we won’t all be eating a diet perfectly tailored to our unique genetic profile? Nope, totally could happen! For now, remember what I said about vegetables? Yeah, boring, I know. Now go pile them on your plate.

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