Dealing with ‘confusing directives’, US doctors seek coronavirus advice from Chinese counterparts

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Credit: Central Hospital Of Wuhan/Weibo/Reuters

Now, fed up with what they see as inadequate and confusing directives from public health authorities, many physicians are trying to get on-the-ground advice directly from colleagues in countries that were the first to be hit by the coronavirus pandemic.

Early last week, [infectious disease physician Annie Antar] asked Weiwei Dai, a postdoctoral fellow in her lab who had graduated from medical school in China, for help. Hey, Antar said, can you connect me with any of your colleagues in China who had experience with Covid-19?


It came together within hours: They would have a Zoom meeting on [March 19], led by physician Jian’an Wang, president of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University School of Medicine in Hangzhou. It had sent 123 nurses, 42 physicians, and six other staffers to run an ICU in Wuhan, about 500 miles away, soon after the city was locked down in January.

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“When facing a global crisis, sharing of medical and scientific information is invaluable if we are to save lives and halt the pandemic as quickly as possible,” said physician Paul Auwaerter, director of Hopkins’ division of infectious diseases.

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