GMOs coming to Zimbabwe? Agriculture minister says climate change has made farm technology a necessity

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While farmers are gripped with the conservation farming technique that is fronted by [Zimbabwe’s] government and other private organizations through the Intwasa/Pfumvudza scheme, debate on GMOs has started. The Finance and Economic Development Ministry has pushed for the provision of funding so that farmers desist from old agriculture practices.

mthuli ncube
Zimbabwe Minister of Agriculture Mthuli Ncube. Credit: The Kootneeti

In doing so, the Ministry of Agriculture, Lands and Water went a step further in reaching out to the majority of farming districts to partner with farmers in the adoption of alternative technologies. Ahead of the 2021 budget presentation, Finance and Economic Development Minister Professor Mthuli Ncube said it was essential to open the debate on GMOs.

“The impact of climatic changes and reliance on old agricultural methods over the years requires us to revisit our technologies with a view of enhancing production and productivity. This includes the necessity of adopting modern alternative technologies including tissue culture as well as further assessments of GMOs.”

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The 2021 Budget Strategic Paper put out by Prof Ncube aims to guide the farming community to adapt well to climate change and environmental management.

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“Adoption of Climate Smart Agriculture that integrates agriculture development, climate responsiveness and environmental management will guarantee the country achieve food security and other broader development goals.”

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