Podcast: Should farmers embrace ‘natural’ organic chemicals to replace ‘synthetic’ inputs? Moving beyond the outdated debate

Credit: Baker Family
Credit: Baker Family

As the benefits of biotechnology come to fruition, people are letting go of the dated view that we should be suspicious of chemicals and afraid of genetic advancements. Unfortunately, there has been an undue emphasis on how a product is made, as opposed to what it actually does for the environment. In a world fraught with viral dangers and a changing climate, we need to stay solution focused. 

In this Innovation Forum podcast, Jon Entine, Founder and Executive Director of the Genetic Literacy Project and Toby Webb, founder of Innovation Forum, discuss glyphosate, copper sulphate, gene editing, and the impacts of both synthetic and organic chemicals in food and wine. Listen to the podcast below to find out why we need all hands on deck and to use all tools in our toolbox to address 21st century challenges in food and agriculture.

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Jon Entine is the founding editor of the Genetic Literacy Project, and winner of 19 major journalism awards. He has written two best-sellers, Taboo: Why Black Athletes Dominate Sports and Why We’re Afraid to Talk About It, and Abraham’s Children: Race, Genetics, and the DNA of The Chosen People. You can follow him on Twitter @JonEntine

Toby Webb is the founder of Innovation Forum, which focuses on analysis and convening meetings on the most difficult questions facing large companies. Toby also teaches Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability at Birkbeck College, University of London and King’s College London. He is now a visiting lecturer at Kings on corporate sustainability, supply chains and innovation. Find Toby on Twitter @webb_tobias


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