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DNA of the slave trade: American Blacks’ genetic links to Africa

DNA of the slave trade: American Blacks’ genetic links to Africa

[A] paper by 23andMe researchers leveraged genetic data from close to 50,000 people to detail one of the most comprehensive ...
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Drug use linked to impulsiveness in genetic study

Some of the same genes that influence a person’s propensity toward impulsiveness also affect whether or not he or she ...
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Wide range of genetic links to alcohol, tobacco use discovered in massive study

A new genetic study looking at smoking and drinking has confirmed much of what we already know about their impact ...
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Could your genes ‘nudge’ you towards risky behavior?

A massive new study that included data from more than a million people suggests that genetics may nudge some individuals ...
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Human empathy gene might determine your emotional ability

In a first-of-its kind study looking at empathy, researchers have found strong evidence that the ability to read and understand ...

Lack of diversity in genetics research systemic problem, not exclusive to personal DNA services

23andMe | 
Genetics research has a diversity problem. This is widely recognized, but when you see the data it’s staggering. ... [However, ...

There’s no ‘warrior gene’…but there may be a warrior genotype

Clare Raczkowski | 
I’m sorry to burst your bubble, but you don’t have a gene for being tall, or a gene for caffeine ...
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23andMe founder pulls personal genomic service, pledges cooperation on FDA review

Anne Wojcicki | 
Stung by the FDA's cease-and-desist order and criticisms that the data in its personal genomics test are unreliable, 23andMe founder ...