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benefits to the soil by earthworms

Does glyphosate or other common herbicides endanger beneficial earthworms? New study finds ‘low risk’, with Roundup among the safest

Agrochemicals are an important component of agricultural production systems. There are increasing concerns about the effect of agrochemicals on soil ...
plenty vertical farm e

Light manipulation could cut indoor farming energy use 30-50% without hindering crop growth

Shiwei Song | 
There is substantial interest in growing crops in closed controlled environments, yet the energy requirements are high. Energy is required ...

Field study finds no negative impact on bees from neonicotinoid insecticide

Peter Rosenkranz, Richard Odemer | 
In the last decade, the use of neonicotinoid insecticides increased significantly in the agricultural landscape and meanwhile considered a risk ...
crispr cas warning

Does CRISPR cause unintended mutations? Authors of controversial study reverse their findings

Kellie A. Schaefer et al. | 
[Editor's note: The authors of a controversial report in Nature in May 2017 suggested that the popular CRISPR gene-editing technique ...
yel hotspring

Origins and history of life embedded in genomes of modern microbes

Adrián Davín et al. | 
Biodiversity has always been predominantly microbial and the scarcity of fossils from bacteria, archaea and microbial eukaryotes has prevented a ...