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Podcast: ‘Domino effect’—Activist groups may try to purge more herbicides after court bans drift-prone Dicamba

Mark Dorenkamp, Seth Naeve | 
Farmers were blindsided during the heart of spraying season when a 9th Circuit Court in California vacated the registrations of ...
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Podcast: AquaBounty to begin raising GMO AquAdvantage salmon in US as soon as April 2019

Amie Simpson, Sylvia Wulf | 
A land-based fish farm in East Central Indiana will begin raising AquAdvantage Salmon, genetically engineered Atlantic salmon, as soon as ...
CRISPR superplants e

Podcast: USDA official examines future of GMO labeling, CRISPR gene-editing regulations in US

Greg Ibach, Ken Anderson | 
[USDA Under Secretary for marketing and regulatory programs Greg] Ibach discusses some of [the] issues he’s been dealing with in ...
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GMO labeling debate expected to heat up as USDA nears release of proposed rules

Ken Anderson | 
Expect the debate over GMO labeling—the labeling of foods containing genetically modified ingredients—to heat up again in the near future ...

Genes from rice and grapes crossed to develop heat-tolerant wheat

Ken Anderson | 
Kansas State University researchers are working on a transgenic wheat that would tolerate warmer temperatures during the critical grain filling ...