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Viewpoint: Synthetic pesticides are the solution to East Africa’s famine-causing locust swarms

Angela Logomasini | 
For months, billions of these pests have migrated from remote deserts into populated regions of East Africa and into Asia, ...

Viewpoint: Trump Administration should cut funding to WHO’s IARC cancer agency

Angela Logomasini | 
The World Health Organization's International Agency for Research on Cancer] IARC is supposed to be a scientific program that classifies ...
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Viewpoint: Anti-pesticide Environmental Working Group spreads chemophobia at taxpayer expense

Angela Logomasini | 
.... It may sound crazy, but the federal government funds a network of activists that spew tons of needlessly alarming ...
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Viewpoint: US should cut funding to ‘politically-driven’ IARC cancer agency

Angela Logomasini | 
[September 19th], Congress passed an appropriations bill that kept funding intact for the .... International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC). The ...
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Viewpoint: To get the most out of CRISPR, we need ‘sensible regulations with an aspirational mindset’

Nur Baysal | 
The idea of genome editing is no longer a theoretical concept studied only within the confines of labs and scientific research ...

Viewpoint: Greenpeace, environmental activists spread misinformation on honeybees and pesticides

Angela Logomasini | 
Bloomberg reports some good news: Honeybee hive health has improved and so-called colony collapse disorder (CCD) is less of a problem ...