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Why worldwide HIV funding is taking a nosedive

Jenny Lei Ravelo | 
As the novel coronavirus continues to squeeze government budgets, experts note there are more questions and uncertainties on the future ...
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What the ‘Big Six’ agricultural biotech companies think about the GMO debate

Lisa Cornish | 
Smack at the center of the debate over genetically modified organisms and their role in developing countries are large corporations. Bayer, BASF, Dow ...
south africa farm

Developing countries slowly embrace GMO crops to fight food insecurity, climate change

Lisa Cornish | 
Developing countries are slowly increasing approved legislation and opening the door to research and commercialization of GMO crops. As these countries ...

Gates Foundation, other development donors turn to GMO crops for humanitarian projects

Lisa Cornish | 
Despite ongoing opposition from some activists to genetically modified organisms, a number of development donors are investigating and funding research ...

Why Greenpeace opposes GMOs: It’s a ‘corporate takeover of our food system’

Lisa Cornish | 
Large corporations producing genetically modified seeds dominate the debate, with activists questioning their motives and whether they have the ability ...
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Can ‘public good’ GMOs change the conversation?

Lisa Cornish | 
Today, as technology is becoming more accessible and less expensive, smaller labs and researchers are able to produce GMOs at ...
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Insect-resistant Bt GMO eggplant helps Bangladesh farmers increase income, reduce pesticide use

Deb Carstoiu | 
[Editor's note: Deb Carstoiu is managing director of plant biotech communications at CropLife International.] The eggplant, known in Asia as brinjal, ...
sorghum farmers in kenya FARMERS TREND

African scientists developing GMO sorghum with higher levels of vitamin A to tackle childhood blindness

Deb Carstoiu | 
Up to half a million children around the world are going blind every year due to a lack of Vitamin ...
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How will agriculture industry mergers, China’s GMO policies affect small farms?

Naki Mendoza | 
How will the mega-mergers of Dow Chemicals and Dupont, Bayer and Monsanto and Syngenta and China National Chemical Corp. — ...

Biofortifying crops for better nutrition helps improve health of poorest

Howarth Bouis | 
When I started my career as an economist 30 years ago, I had no idea that I would eventually work ...
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