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Kauai council may repeal anti-GMO/anti-pesticide bill ruled invalid by federal court

Allan Parachini | Garden Island | 
The County Council will take up a resolution to correct the serious public policy error made with enactment of Bill ...

Proposed anti-GMO bill in Kauai, Hawaii targets agricultural innovation and research

Chris D'Angelo | Garden Island | 
Large agriculture companies and landowners are opposing a bill that would establish “agronomics” as a new and separate real property ...

Maui citizens group pushes for GMO moratorium

Chris D'Angelo | Garden Island | 
Come November, the citizens of Maui County could be voting on a temporary suspension of all genetically modified crop production ...
Kauai anti GMO march

Kaua’i County appeals to activist lawyers to cover costs of agri-busness challenge of anti-GMO law

Chris D'Angelo | Garden Island | 
After the County of Kauai was officially served last Thursday afternoon with a federal lawsuit by three of the island’s ...

Kaua’i mayor reports on efforts to begin implementation of anti-GMO bill

Chris D'Angelo | Garden Island | 
For the first time since signing a controversial anti-GMO bill into law last month, Kaua'i County Mayor Bernard Carvalho reported ...

Agricultural companies on Kaua’i begin voluntary pesticide-use disclosure program

Chris D'Angelo | Garden Island | 
For the last two weeks, agricultural companies on Kauai have been rolling out the new Good Neighbor Program, a voluntary ...

With Mayor’s veto of anti-GMO bill on verge of being upheld, bill supporters force Kauai Council to postpone vote

Chris D'Angelo | Garden Island | 
(Summary) Faced with the the prospect that there were not enough votes on the Kauai County Council to overturn Mayor ...

Kauai County councilmembers bicker over GMO and pesticide fact-finding group, await state input

Darin Moriki | Garden Island | 
A Kauai City Council subcommittee has been tasked with building a group to assess pesticide and GMO use on the ...

Retired Kauai exec says Bill 2491 exaggerates GMO health concerns

Alan Kennett | Garden Island | 
The following open letter was written by E. Alan Kennett, an executive for 20 years in the sugar industry on ...

Environmental groups frustrated by Kauai mayor’s recommendation to defer Bill 2491

Chris D'Angelo | Garden Island | 
Mayor Bernard Carvalho Jr.’s recommendation that the Kauai County Council defer Bill 2491 for two months stirred up a wide ...

Kauai’s Bill 2491 watered down, but moves forward

Chris D'Angelo | Garden Island | 
After a marathon 13-hour meeting Friday night, a watered-down version of Bill 2491 passed out of committee. It will now ...

Kauai’s economy heavily influenced by seed companies

Tom LaVenture | Garden Island | 
Seed companies on Kauai are a political “hot potato” but according to the numbers they are majors employers that bring ...

Flood gates open to amendments to Hawaii’s GMO bill

Chris D'Angelo | Garden Island | 
Bill 2491 went through the first round of amendments at the Kauai County Council Wednesday. The bill passed first reading ...

Kauai anti-GMO bill deferred to September

Garden Island | 
The Kauai County Council unanimously deferred to September 9 a controversial proposal to demand disclosure of pesticide use and genetically ...

Kauai GE debate evokes emotion from both sides

Chris D'Angelo | Garden Island | 
Although relatively peaceful — other than the occasional snicker, laugh or boo from the audience — testimony during Wednesday’s public ...

Science ‘swat team’ informs Hawaiians about ag biotech

Chris D'Angelo | Garden Island | 
Seek understanding of differing viewpoints. You can agree to disagree. That was one of several house rules Monday evening inside ...

A small farmer’s view of Kauai anti-biotech bill

Johnny Gordines | Garden Island | 
It would be wonderful if farmers could stand in their fields, wave their arms and weeds, insects and plant diseases ...
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