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Viewpoint: Lack of trust in science on GMOs, vaccines and climate change fuels coronavirus misinformation

Timothy Caulfield | 
What is driving the novel coronavirus infodemic? Fear, uncertainty and opportunistic marketing are all playing a role. But it is ...

Ruling out natural causes, experts say ‘rogue breeder’ planted illegal GMO wheat in Canada

Carrie Tait | 
A handful of unwelcome plants growing on the side of a road in Alberta were all it took to stop ...
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Japan cancels purchase of Canadian wheat after unapproved GMO variety found in isolated non-farm location

Ann Hui | 
Genetically modified wheat, which is not authorized for commercial production in Canada, was discovered growing on an Alberta farm last ...
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Viewpoint: Don’t expect to find ‘the real you’ in a direct-to-consumer DNA test

Timothy Caulfield | 
In the hope of discovering more about themselves, millions of people have sent DNA-filled tubes of spit to commercial testing companies throughout ...
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Viewpoint: David Suzuki’s views on GMOs ‘well outside the scientific mainstream’

Margaret Wente | 
Mr. Suzuki is known by most as a twinkly-eyed old sage with a harmless message about living in tune with ...
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Neonicotinoid, fipronil insecticides largely ineffective as pests develop resistance, study says

Eric Atkins | 
A new study raises questions about the effectiveness of the two most popular types of agricultural pesticides, noting overreliance on ...

Viewpoint: Profiteers exploiting complexity of cutting edge science like stem cells

Timothy Caulfield | 
Editor's note: Timothy Caulfield is Canada Research Chair in health law and policy at the University of Alberta and author of Is ...

Viewpoint: Canadian monarch butterfly and bee populations thrive as glyphosate use increases

Margaret Wente | 
What happened to the monarchs? The popular story is that genetically modified crops and an evil herbicide called glyphosate (also ...
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Opinion: Greenpeace’s ‘fearmongering’ gives environmental advocacy a bad name

Margaret Wente | 
The little town of Saint-Félicien, in Quebec’s lovely Saguenay region, is under siege. ... “Greenpeace wants our total death!” mayor ...
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Should we worry about an era of ‘designer babies?’

Adriana Barton, Bonnie Rochman | 
[Editor's Note: Bonnie Rochman is a science journalist and the author of the new book, The Gene Machine: How Genetic Technologies ...

Stem cells lay foundation for treatments of cancer, other disorders

Andre Picard | 
[Stem cell research] is now considered among the most seminal medical findings of the past century, on a par with ...

Multiracial patients struggle to find stem cell match

Chiba Stearns | 
Hundreds of Canadians are waiting for stem-cell transplants, but only half of them will find a donor, according to Canadian ...

Anti-biotech groups claim agrochemical industry consolidation endangers food security

Ann Hui | 
Just 20 years ago, about 600 companies were manufacturing seeds, fertilizer and pesticides, according to the watchdog ETC Group. Now, ...
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Laws should prevent genetic discrimination from damaging lives

Ronald Cohn, Stephen Scherer, Yvonne Bombard | 
[In the spring of 2016], the Senate unanimously passed Bill S-201, which would prohibit and prevent genetic discrimination in Canada ...

Are Western ‘supermarket-based superstitions’ holding back farming advances in Africa?

Doug Saunders | 
The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis. If you drive through ...

Major grocery store chains in Canada stand by safety of GMOs, plan to sell any approved crops

Lois Abraham | 
The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis. The organization that represents ...

GMOs needed to avert global water shortages

Gwyn Morgan | 
The UN’s annual World Water Development Report, published last March, warned that unless the balance between demand and supplies is ...