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Should we worry about an era of ‘designer babies?’

Globe and Mail | 
[Editor's Note: Bonnie Rochman is a science journalist and the author of the new book, The Gene Machine: How Genetic Technologies ...

Getting a head start: What parents can learn from prenatal genetic testing

Huffington Post | 
{Editor's note: Excerpts are from an interview with Bonnie Rochman, science journalist and author of the book The Gene Machine: How Genetic Technologies ...
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Snapshots of patients’ faces may help identify genetic diseases

MIT Technology Review | 
Many genetic conditions have a “face”—a distinctive constellation of features that provides a clue to a potential diagnosis. But identifying ...

Family selects for children with lower genetic cancer risk

Wall Street Journal | 
To shield any future children from the fear she harbors of getting breast cancer, Katie Dowdy underwent a controversial procedure ...

Why moms share breast cancer genetic test results with kids

Time | 
In a study involving 221 mothers in the study led by researchers at Georgetown Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center, most mothers who learned ...

Parents grapple with delving into their kids’ DNA

Time | 
This week’s TIME cover story (available to subscribers here) asks a simple question with a complicated answer. Sophisticated DNA testing ...
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Children and DNA

Time | 
DNA provides the operating instructions for our cells that influence everything from a person’s hair color to susceptibility to disease ...
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Test your DNA for diseases: No doctor required

Time | 
When Anne Wojcicki’s son was a baby, she ran a swab across the inside of his cheek, collecting DNA to ...