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Anti-GMOers accused of ‘fear mongering’ as fight over Maui GMO bill ramps up

Joni Kamiya | 
There’s only a few weeks more until the vote in Maui County to place a “moratorium” on the biotech crops ...
Adams head

NaturalNews’ Mike Adams’ genocidal views on GMOs mainstream among environmental activists

Joni Kamiya | 
NaturalNews founder and editor Mike Adams is known for his extremist views on GMOs, the latest being his threats to ...

Hawaii legislators’ anti-GMO campaigns support ‘trendy activism’ while creating more problems

Joni Kamiya | 
Dear Senator Brian Schatz and Representative Tulsi Gabbard, This week has definitely been a bomb of a week with the ...

GMOs woven into the fabric of everyday life

Let’s face it that the GMO war in Hawaii is still raging on with Maui on the hit list right ...

Maui protestors fear GMOs and chemicals except when it’s not convenient

Last week Sunday was yet another march against biotechnology on Maui. There were quite a bit of pictures and videos ...

Local farmers must do their part to stand up to anti-GMO activists

Joni Kamiya | 
It’s up to local farmers—the silent majority—to stand up to anti-GMO activists in Hawaii, writes Joni Kamiya, author of the ...

Threats from antis make it difficult to know what the silent majority believes in Hawaii about GMOs

Joni Kamiya | 
Joni Kamiya, author of the blog Hawaii Farmer's Daughter and supporter of biotechnology in Hawaii, discusses the cyber attacks she ...
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