Hawaii legislators’ anti-GMO campaigns support ‘trendy activism’ while creating more problems

Dear Senator Brian Schatz and Representative Tulsi Gabbard,

This week has definitely been a bomb of a week with the kind of things that have been coming out of your campaign. What it shows me is that you are both NOT about solving real problems in Hawaii, but more about contributing to the problems we have here.

When you made that quip about “GMO-free” in your mailer, it really shows me that you’re ignoring the farmers that were saved by biotech and fueling the attacks against their fruit that is no different than those GMO free ones. Representative Gabbard, you might want to know that nearly 95 percent of Hawaii’s papayas are GMO because papaya ringspot virus is so rampant here. You’re speaking against the majority of the farmers here and it’s downright sad that you can ignore that.

The best example is on the Big Island, papaya farmers were subject to a GMO ban but then exempted. How could these farmers ever defend themselves against this kind of laws with the kind of incomes that they have? Think about all the time that was lost having to defend themselves against a stacked Hawaii County Council filled with prominent disinformers such as the flying yogic Jeffrey Smith and “correlation equals causation quack” Stephanie Seneff on board to “educate.”


The fact that you want to support home rule and GMO labeling only shows me that you’re about trendy activism of the moment and not considering how it will ultimately affect your constituents. Home rule will mean more money at the county level to fund such laws and taking resources from taxpayers to fund the lawsuits that will undoubtedly happen with bad legislation.

So Senator Schatz and Representative Gabbard, I’m not pleased with you at all with your lack of ability to see the unintended consequences of your stances. You are clearly responsible for instilling discord and misinformation to permeate in our islands. You are about creating divisive communities like Kauai and the Big Island. You’ve allowed the radicals that don’t speak for local folks to dictate laws in Hawaii. Your words tell me that you don’t stand for the kind of Hawaii I want.

Read the full, original article: Dear Senator Brian Schatz and Representative Tulsi Gabbard…

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