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Bacterial DNA found in gene-edited dairy cow could slow development of more CRISPR animals

Chad Dechow | 
Many scientists and animal breeders are keenly interested in directly altering a portion of an organism’s genome to incorporate specific ...
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CRISPR could help combat bovine tuberculosis—disease that costs farmers $3 billion annually

Recombinetics announced [October 16] the launch of TARGET-TB, a tripartite collaborative research project with University College Dublin in the Republic ...
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Viewpoint: How dairy companies like Stonyfield Organic mislead consumers about GMOs

Patti Hurtgen | 
A typical stroll down the grocery store aisle exposes the shopper to almost 40,000 different products. While most have labels ...
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Breeding healthier cows: Using advanced genetics to tweak health traits

Kristen Gaddis | 
The dairy industry is poised to make foundational leaps in the ability to breed healthier cows when new genomic evaluations ...