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South Korean protesters demand labeling of GMO foods

Ko Dong-hwan | 
Hundreds of farmers, consumers and environmental activists gathered in front of the Government Complex in Seoul [April 10] to demand ...
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Korean labeling law exempts food grown from GMO seeds with no GMO traces in final product

Kim Se-jeong | 
The government's new rules on genetically modified organism (GMO) labeling on products which will go into effect [February 4] is ...

South Korean consumer groups, politicians call for mandatory GMO labeling

Lee Hyo-sik | 
Costco and Burger King have been found to have brought the largest amounts of processed food products containing genetically modified ...
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South Korea developing GMO rice varieties to fight climate change, but public skepticism remains

Choi Sung-jin | 
Public opinion is divided into pros and cons over the South Korean government's all-out efforts to develop genetically modified rice ...

Stem cells may cure liver failure

Yun Suh-young | 
A way to revive failed livers through stem cells could be available within the next few years as clinical tests ...