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Could success of Europe’s only cultivated GMO crop help ease public fear of biotechnology?

Lieselot Bertho | 
Within the spirit of breaking the taboo around [GMOs], we had decided to start working on a manuscript a few ...
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‘Bad stuff is just easier to believe’: Why GMO disinformation captures consumer attention

Cami Ryan | 
A couple of years ago, a former company data scientist and I tapped into our common fascination with social networks ...

Monsanto’s Robb Fraley invites Neil Young to tour company

Robb Fraley | 
I believe that Neil Young has a heart of gold. The singer/songwriter has been one of my favorite artists ever ...

South African anti-GMO activists hide fact drought-tolerant maize would be royalty-free

Daniel Kamanga | 
The narrative of a poor hungry Africa makes good TV (does it?). The paradox is that for many Africans, drought ...

Resolve to be good to your genes in 2014

Deepak Chopra, Rudolph Tanzi | 
The New Year occasions all kinds of resolutions (which only 8% of people keep, according to Forbes magazine), but almost ...