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Viewpoint: Glyphosate-cancer trials illustrate how tort lawyers undermine science in the courtroom

Genetic Literacy Project | 
Should we be fair to chemical manufacturers when they are sued? First of all, who are they? Since everything in ...

How to assess the real safety risks of getting a COVID vaccine shot

Genetic Literacy Project | 
It seems like we might have a vaccine on the way and some of this madness will stop. But, like everything ...
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Viewpoint: Setting pandemic guidelines, policymakers should be informed by science, not just follow the ‘precautionary principle’

Truth In Science | 
Those who simply say “follow the science” often believe we should follow a ‘precautionary principle’ when we determine coronavirus policy—to make ...
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Personalized medicine and precision nutrition: Biases distort how individuals respond to health risks

LinkedIn | 
Some people fear sharks more than cars, although the probability of dying in a car is over 30,000 times higher. And ...
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Viewpoint: How hazard-designation agency WHO’s IARC—International Agency for Research on Cancer—misleads regulators and the public

LinkedIn | 
[W]ood dust, solar radiation (the sun), soot, very hot beverages, night shift work and Ginko biloba… can give you cancer ...
screenshot a new role for the fda in medical device regulation policy paper pdf

Podcast: AI-powered nutrition devices could cut exploding obesity rates. Will FDA rules keep them off the market?

Genetic Literacy Project | 
Medical devices powered by artificial intelligence could help overweight people customize diets based on their biomarkers ...
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