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Viewpoint: About the backlash faced by JK Rowling arguing against a ’sex spectrum’—Evolutionary biologist says maybe she was right

Colin Wright | 
JK Rowling recently drew fire on social media for tweeting the statements to the effect that “biological sex is real.” ...
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How do genetics and luck mix to determine life’s winners and losers?

Michael Shermer | 
Let’s begin with a question: Why do some people succeed in life while others fail? Is it because they are ...

Is evolution denial an attempt to ‘make humans special’?

Colin Wright | 
Evolutionary biology has always been controversial. Not controversial among biologists, but controversial among the general public. This is largely because ...
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No strings attached: Why are men more interested in casual sex?

Steve Stewart-Williams | 
First, is there any truth in [gender] stereotypes? And second, if there is, why? The answer to the first question, ...
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Why cognitive inequality demands our attention

Wael Taji | 
[April 28, 1996, Martin Bryant used] two rifles and a shotgun stashed inside a sports bag on the passenger seat ...
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Video: Looking back at groundbreaking twins research—and its impact on genetics

Henrik Dynesen | 
“I have looked at the data, and I’m collecting the data, and I’m still absolutely astounded. I still haven’t settled ...
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Traits of masculinity: What does it mean to ‘be a man’?

William Buckner | 
There are commonalities of human behavior that extend beyond any geographic or cultural boundary. Every known society has a sexual ...
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Why don’t more women pursue STEM fields? There’s no easy answer

David Geary, Gijsbert Stoet | 
Many academics in the modern world seem obsessed with the sex difference in engagement with science, technology, mathematics, and engineering ...

Viewpoint: Gender equity debate demands understanding of biological differences

Marta Iglesias | 
[Editor's notes: Marta Iglesias is a predoctoral researcher in the Champalimaud Neuroscience Programme, Lisbon. Her research is focused on how ...
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Decrying ‘neurosexism’: Are attempts to find biological gender differences justified?

Claire Lehmann, Debra Soh | 
“Neurosexism,” “populist science,” “neurotrash,” the problem with using terms like these to describe scientific investigations of sex differences is that ...

Genes trump parenting in shaping who we are

Brian Boutwell | 
The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis. I want you to ...