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just dermatologists debunk anti aging myths sruilk

Debunking anti-aging myths and why no ‘single intervention’ is going to help us live forever

Harriet Hall | 
Today there are countless modern versions of the Fountain of Youth. Dietary supplements and other treatments are claimed to reverse ...
gods sovereignty

Viewpoint: God, by definition, cannot be ‘all powerful’

Colin McGinn | 
The traditional definition of God credits him with three attributes: moral perfection, omniscience, and omnipotence. … But is that right? ...

Alternative medicine a scam? New book exposes the lack of scientific rigor of ‘complementary’ treatments

Harriet Hall | 
As the world’s first professor of complementary medicine, Dr. Edzard Ernst set out to apply rigorous scientific standards of evidence ...
Screen Shot at AM

How ‘human errors’ challenge intelligent design theory

Nathan Lents | 
When Charles Darwin first proposed natural selection as the mechanism of evolutionary change, he provided many different lines of reasoning ...
Screen Shot at AM

Viewpoint: Peggy Sarlin’s ‘Awakening from Alzheimer’s’ offers ‘false claims, false hope’

Harriet Hall | 
[S]cientists are diligently working to understand [Alzheimer’s] disease and find an effective treatment. Others apparently think they needn’t bother. A ...
image d oq p e

Viewpoint: We need constraints on artificial intelligence

Matthew Graves | 
If there’s nothing magical about our brains or essential about the carbon atoms that make them up, then we can ...

‘Penis as a social construct’: Social science hoax reveals problems of pay-to-publish journals

James Lindsay, Peter Boghossian | 
The androcentric scientific and meta-scientific evidence that the penis is the male reproductive organ is considered overwhelming and largely uncontroversial ...