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Kenya could stop locust invasion within two months, despite coronavirus pandemic

Ali Abdi | 
The Government says it will take at least two more months to check the spread of the desert locusts in ...
cancer stop

Scientists at Kenya’s biosafety conference debunk GMO-cancer link blocking Africa’s biotech progress

Anyango Otieno, Gloria Aradi | 
Despite widespread reports that genetically modified foods (GMOs), cause cancer, no evidence exists to prove this, scientists and researchers have ...
Afrikansiche Baumwolle

Kenya will approve biotech crops on case-by-case basis, three months after proposing to lift GMO ban

Wainaina Wambu | 
Kenyans are still waiting on the Government’s decision as to whether it will lift the ban on Genetically Modified Organisms ...
African farmer x

High-quality hybrid seeds could help feed Africa’s growing population

Rufaro Madakadze | 
Africa’s demand for food will more than double by 2050, driven by population growth and rapid urbanization. A growing population ...

Kenya to commercialize insect-resistant GMO Bt cotton later this year

Kevine Omollo | 
The country’s textile industry is headed for a big boost after Genetically Modified cotton planting began locally. A journey of ...