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‘Second generation’ GMO plants could turn marginal soils into productive farmland

Tom Abate | 
Roughly one-third of the world’s arable land suffers from lack of accessible iron, rendering it inhospitable to staple crops like ...

‘Road map’ of pollen development could help breed more desirable food crops

....Sexual reproduction has evolved as nature's way of shuffling the genetic deck of cards, so to speak. That shuffling actually ...
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CRISPR-edited crops with better ‘ventilation systems’ could withstand climate change

As the world heats up, plants face a dilemma -- the same tiny holes they have to open to exchange ...
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Pediatric brainstem cancer eradicated in mice using CAR-T treatment

Erin Digitale | 
Engineered human immune cells can vanquish a deadly pediatric brain tumor in a mouse model, a study from the Stanford University ...

CRISPR paired with DNA barcoding could track cancer growth

Ker Than | 
Stanford scientists have found a way to modify pairs of cancer-related genes in the lungs of mice and then precisely ...

‘Genome cloaking’ could protect genetic privacy in medical tests

Krista Conger | 
It is now possible to scour complete human genomes for the presence of disease-associated genes without revealing any genetic information ...

Human germline editing ethics proposal: ‘No human pregnancy’

Jennie Dusheck, Kelly Ormond | 
A team of genetics experts has issued a policy statement recommending that research on editing human genes in eggs, sperm and early ...

Reverse engineered lung cells created

Tom Abate | 
Consider the marvel of the embryo. It begins as a glob of identical cells that change shape and function as ...

Study treats each person as his or her own experiment

Lia Steakley | 
What if we based decisions to exercise more, eat healthier or make other lifestyle changes to maintain our health on ...