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Which GM crops might be embraced by the organic movement — if sustainability matters

Gerhart Ryffel | 
[Editor's note: Gerhart Ryffel is a professor at the Institute of Cell Biology, Essen University Hospital in Germany.] Several years ago, I ...
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Sustainability: ‘Organic farming should embrace blight–resistant genetically engineered potato’

Godelieve Gheysen, René Custers | 
[Editor's note: This journal article is written by Godelieve Gheysenat, molecular geneticist, Ghent University in Belgium, and René Custers, regulatory and responsible research ...
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Should organic agriculture consider allowing gene-edited crops?

Amaranta Herrero, Fern Wickson, Rosa Binimelis | 
Proponents of agricultural biotechnology are calling for a reconsideration of the organic opposition to GMOs in light of [New Plant ...

Organic food sales driven by vilification of GMOs

It is often said that innovations create winners and losers. All innovations are somewhat disruptive, but some have more distributed ...