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Saving the world — or possibly destroying it? What does the future of CRISPR genetic engineering portend?

Saving the world — or possibly destroying it? What does the future of CRISPR genetic engineering portend?

Sherryn Groch | 
In the past 70 years, we have uncovered the structure of DNA, the blueprint of life, built machines to read ...
px Chicken Farm

Chickens don’t want to be ‘free range,’ they prefer being indoors, Australian government veterinarians says

Liam Mannix | 
Do chickens really like being free-range? It seems like a dumb question. Who wouldn't like a big green paddock full ...
End Yo Yo Dieting

End ‘yo-yo dieting’: Fat-burning molecular switch could block hunger impulse

Liam Mannix | 
Australian scientists have discovered a new molecular switch in our brains that controls fat burning – and by flicking it ...
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Hardware chain Bunnings Warehouse pulls neonicotinoid insecticides over bee health concerns

Amber Schultz | 
A controversial pesticide allegedly linked to bee deaths will be pulled from [Australian, New Zealand, and UK hardware store chain] Bunnings' ...
grou health insurance form e

Viewpoint: Consumers with risky genes shouldn’t be penalized by insurers

[P]eople who have genetic tests run the risk of being denied some insurance if the test turns out positive. Such ...
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Australian scientists chasing genetic links to clinical depression

Sarah Wiedersehn | 
Two-thirds of Australians with clinical depression have used multiple antidepressants to manage their condition, the nation's largest study on depression ...
Screen Shot at PM

Sorry, Paleo-dieters: Big human brain needs carbs to evolve

Sarah Berry | 
A new study, co-written by researchers from the University of Sydney, challenges the belief that meat deserves all the credit [for ...

Breakthrough in breast cancer research reveals epigenetic link

Nicky Phillips | 
Decoding the letters of the human genome revolutionised scientists' understanding of the role of genetic mutations in many diseases, including ...

Ancient skeleton’s DNA window into earliest modern human group

Nicky Phillips | 
The skeleton of a man who lived more than 2300 years ago and foraged food from the ocean off southern ...

Australian court agrees with U.S.: Patents for breast cancer mutations stand

Amy Corderoy | 
Cancer survivors and advocates are devastated at a decision by the full bench of the Federal Court that private companies ...
Eric Montfort aging

Curing the disease known as aging

Amy Klein | 
Is aging a process that we simply have to accept as a fact of life or is it something we ...

Ethical path to artificial stem cell technology

John Elder | 
Australian research has created a molecular roadmap that shows how any cell in the human body can be turned into ...
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Could hand-made humans may hold the key to saving the world?

Matthew Liao | 
I propose that we consider another solution to the problem of climate change that has not been considered before and ...

Why women live longer then men: It’s in the genes

Bridie Smith | 
THE reason women live roughly four years longer than men in Australia may not solely be down to their reduced ...
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