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How AI is turning the world of copyright protection upside down

How AI is turning the world of copyright protection upside down

Anil Lale | 
In 2016 a short novel written by a Japanese AI reached the second round of a national literary prize and ...
Bangladesh could double crop production by 2030 with help of GM technology, experts say

Bangladesh could double crop production by 2030 with help of GM technology, experts say

USAID and International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) hosted [a virtual] event to learn from stakeholders about challenges, prospects, and ...

When should politicians take guidance from scientists?

K. Srinath Reddy | 
Why should politicians listen to scientists? Are scientists always right? What happens when scientists disagree among themselves? In an ideal ...

Will India approve more GMO crops? ‘Ideological’ regulators could halt progress

Vivian Fernandes | 
The apex regulator of genetically-modified (GM) crops has permitted a Jalna, Maharashtra-based seed company to do confined bio-safety trials on ...
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Viewpoint: India’s proposed CRISPR crop rules could ‘severely constrain’ gene-editing innovation

Vivian Fernandes | 
At long last, [India's] Department of Biotechnology has [published] draft genome editing guidelines on January 9 for month-long public comments ...

India won’t ban glyphosate to stop illegal planting of herbicide-tolerant GMO crops

The government is unlikely to put a ban on the controversial herbicide glyphosate as there is no proven record to ...
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Viewpoint: To support farmers, India should promote consumer acceptance of GMO crops

Vivian Fernandes | 
With Prakash Javadekar taking charge of the environment ministry from the inert Harsh Vardhan, and hopes kindling of genetically-engineered brinjal ...

Viewpoint: India’s GMO Bt eggplant ban drives farmers to buy black market biotech seeds

Bt brinjal [is] being illegally cultivated in the country—the National Bureau of Plant Genetic Resources has just confirmed this for ...
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Debunking the myth that India is awash in pesticides

Rajju Shroff | 
India has made rapid progress in the field of agriculture in recent years. Unfortunately, this largely remains unknown and uncelebrated ...
Deepak Pental

Aftershock of Monsanto being stripped of its patent control over Indian Bt GMO cotton: It may doom domestic crop research, too

Sunil Jain | 
Sections of the government, egged on by powerful Andhra seed companies, are probably cheering the judgment of the Delhi high court’s ...
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On India’s black market, herbicide-tolerant GMO cotton seeds sell for 1.7 times what Monsanto charged

[W]hile the government wanted to keep prices low for Indian farmers, as [the South Asia Biotechnology Centre] points out, the ...
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India’s moves to limit Monsanto’s patent royalty payments on GMO seeds could put country’s cotton industry at risk

If India is to reverse the rapid decline in its cotton exports ... it is clear it needs another big ...
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Indian farmers no closer to gaining access to GMO mustard 8 months after recommended approval

Vivian Fernandes | 
On May 11, last year, the GEAC, [India's] apex authority for assessing the safety of genetically modified (GM) crops, declared ...
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India may further cut Monsanto GMO cotton royalty, eventually to zero

Sandip Das | 
Regardless of technology companies like Monsanto crying foul, the Modi government is likely to follow a plan to reduce the ...

India’s prime minister supports GMO mustard, but can he convince state governments?

As chief minister of Gujarat, Narendra Modi may have extolled the virtues of genetically modified (GM) crops... but as prime minister, he ...

India’s director of agricultural research calls for more public-private GMO partnerships

Vivian Fernandes | 
Trilochan Mohapatra [a molecular geneticist] took over as . . . director general, Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) in February. ...

DNA, gene editing holds incredible potential to advance nanotechnology, computing

Ishaan Gera | 
The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis. [The] scientific unlocking [of ...

‘Unscientific’ moratorium on GMO eggplant in India in seventh year

C. S. Prakash | 
The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis. February 10 has increasingly ...

Indian media criticizes government for moving slow on GMOs, cites success of crops in Bangladesh

The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis. Although India commercialised its ...

India stalls trials of genetically modified mustard

Vivian Fernandes | 
The pull of a technology that boosts mustard yield by between a fifth and a third should have been as ...

India needs informed debate towards common goal of food security on GM crop trials

Ram Kaundinya | 
As India asserts its position globally, it must develop and use the best technologies for the benefit of Indian farmers ...

2014 World Food Prize recipient: ‘Shameful’ if India lets biotech pass

Sanjaya Rajaram | 
Dr Sanjaya Rajaram often remembers that his mentor, Nobel Peace prize winner Dr Norman Borlaug, always said: “Peace does not ...

How GM crops can help address India’s food security problems

Ram Kaundinya | 
The new environment minister Prakash Javadekar is yet to take a call on allowing further trials of genetically-modified (GM) crops ...

Genetically modified bacteria converts plant matter into fuel

Scientists have genetically engineered microbes to successfully convert biomass into fuel directly, in a first step towards industrial production. A ...

Mixed reactions to India’s Bt brinjal pest attack story

Some responses -- both from local and international levels -- have been received relating to a news item published in ...

India’s rice industry says GMO rice trials would damage export prospects

Sandip Das | 
India's rice exporters have expressed concern over allowing large-scale field trials of the crop's genetically modified (GM) version, saying it ...

Bangladesh: Use biotech to boost productivity

Gone are the days of conventional practices of cultivation reliant mostly on traditional knowledge handed down from generations. In Bangladesh, ...

In first, Indian stem cells sent abroad to treat London patient

Ananya Banerjee | 
In the first case of its kind in the country, stem cells from a 50-year-old woman in Nagpur were donated ...
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