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Canada codifies new neonicotinoid insecticide rules, allows key agricultural use to continue

Alex Ballingall | 
Health Canada will restrict some uses of neonicotinoid pesticides because of their impact on honeybees and other pollinators, but the ...
Organic Cow Milk Gurgaon

Viewpoint: Organic milk offers no nutritional or safety advantages over conventional counterpart and is more expensive

Michele Henry | 
While fewer people are drinking milk overall these days, organic milk is holding steady in Canada’s $5-billion organic industry, with ...
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Beepocalypse not now: Canada’s honeybee colonies up 10% in 2017 to record high

Owen Roberts | 
On Canadian farms, almost 800,000 honeybee colonies are in active duty this year. That’s about 10 percent more than in ...

Profile of Neil Carter, entrepreneur behind non-browning Arctic Apple

Michelle Henry | 
The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis. Apple flesh, which begins ...

Ontario to phase out neonics use to improve bee health

Robert Benzie | 
Ontario is moving to take the sting out of pesticides that are killing bees. On July 1, the province will ...

Researchers teach computer to interpret genome with video game-based technology

Kate Allen | 
Sequencing of the human genome in 2003 was a monumental achievement. But it left us with more questions than answers: ...
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AquaBounty GE ‘super’ salmon on verge of approval–Should it be feared or welcomed?

Michele Henry | 
Years ago scientists made a genetic modification to the DNA of an Atlantic salmon to create a fast growing fish ...

Ovary removal reduces death risk by 77% in women with BRCA mutations

Theresa Boyle | 
A young, cancer-free Toronto woman says her decision to have both ovaries and both breasts removed was daunting, but not ...

Double mastectomies halve death rate for BRCA1 or BRCA2 breast cancer patients

Theresa Boyle | 
Woman with a genetic form of breast cancer who have double mastectomies are nearly 50 per cent less likely to ...

Meanness, alas, is in our genes

Joseph Hall | 
Mean is in the cradle. Many scientists believe the tendency toward antisocial behaviour is present in a small but constant ...

Meet Calestous Juma, Africa’s GE crop ‘optimist’

Kate Allen | 
The following is an edited excerpt. When Calestous Juma was 9 years old, floods inundated his family’s village. Port Victoria ...

The Human Genome Project: How it changed biology forever

Joseph Hall | 
The following is an excerpt. It was like God’s own jigsaw puzzle. Built up over evolutionary eons, it featured 46 ...

Futurist envisions aquaculture and GMOs to feed the planet

Christine Sismondo | 
It’s been said that, when it comes to the future of food, thought falls along one of two paths. There’s ...

Celebrities may be easy clone — through their diets

Lesley Ciarula Taylor | 
Mix a cup of whisky and the occasional chocolate bar with brewer’s yeast and let fester. In a few weeks, ...

Controversial horse cloning alters Summer Olympics equestrian outlook

David Graham | 
For fans of equestrian sports, the very existence of clones holds out the possibility of a game-changer. It won’t be ...

Canadian geneticist discovers secret behind the blond-haired Solomon Islanders

Lesley Ciarula Taylor | 
The discovery of a gene mutation that gives some Soloman Islanders platinum blond hair has important implications for medicine and ...