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Disease-resistant banana genes could accelerate effort to save Cavendish from extinction

Significant progress has been made in accelerating the development of banana varieties with resistance to the Fusarium fungus. Fusarium causes ...
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Gene editing and agroecology compatible? Yes, and they may lead to more eco-friendly farming

New gene techniques and agro-ecology can reinforce each other in making agriculture more sustainable, say researchers at Wageningen University & ...
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Winter honeybee losses cut in half since 2012 as beekeepers battle deadly varroa mite

Roelof Kleis | 
It looks as though the period of alarmingly high winter mortality in honeybees is over. And a long-term study by ...
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Could drought-tolerant seeds save East Africa’s sunflower production?

Climate change has brought more droughts to Tanzania. This not only affects the cultivation of sunflowers, but also the production ...

Viewpoint: It’s time Europe updates its 18-year-old GMO rules to regulate CRISPR-edited crops

Ernst van den Ende | 
‘In lectures, I often try to clarify things by using the tomato as an example,’ says Ernst van den Ende, ...
organic farming reduces fertilizer

Can organic farms produce similar yields to conventional agriculture?

In February [2018], scientists from Wageningen University & Research in the Netherlands and other institutes published an article [link (behind paywall)] ...
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Genes associated with improved photosynthesis could double crop yields, suck more CO2 out of atmosphere

Scientists from Wageningen University & Research have found natural genetic variation for photosynthesis in plants and are unravelling it to ...

Regulatory delays of GMO crops in Africa cost lives and millions of dollars, study finds

Kenya, Uganda and many other African countries had the chance to follow South Africa's example of adopting genetically engineered (GE) ...