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EPA rejects New York Times’ allegation that agriculture, chemical industries ‘control’ environmental regulation

Valerie Richardson | 
The Environmental Protection Agency unloaded [Jan. 14] on the New York Times, accusing the newspaper of “extreme bias” for running ...
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Viewpoint: GMO crops could reduce, even eliminate, dangerous allergens in common foods

Amanda Zaluckyj | 
My brother was in his mid-20s when he developed a food allergy....[H]e discovered that his unpleasant side effects occurred whenever ...
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What do organic labels really mean?

Henry Miller, John Cohrssen | 
The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis. Organic farming has boomed ...

French court debates legality of surrogate births abroad

Philippe Sotto | 
France’s highest court tackled a sensitive subject Friday as parents challenged laws that effectively deny citizenship to surrogate children - ...

Shoppers who want organic products don’t need new GMO labels

George Landrith | 
Groups such as the Non-GMO Project have already paved the way for labeling measures that inform consumers and to ensure ...

Stop and swabs happening in Dallas-Fort Worth area

Douglas Ernst | 
Drivers in North Fort Worth, Texas, are being pulled over at a police roadblock and asked for saliva, blood and breath samples ...

The reason some people get cold sores may be genetic

Laura Sesana | 
Medical researchers are closer to understanding why some people are more prone to cold sores than others. Although between 80 ...

Resistance to biotech is robbing consumers of affordable food

Terry Wanzek | 
The following is an edited excerpt. When a farmer discovered biotech wheat on a remote field in eastern Oregon in ...

Frankenfoods: The debate over GM foods

Laura Sesana | 
The following is an excerpt. Also known as genetically engineered (GE), genetically modified (GM) foods have passionate opponents as well ...
Monsanto, steaks, and chefs: Intellectual property and food

Monsanto, steaks, and chefs: Intellectual property and food

Joseph S. Diedrich | 
The following is an excerpt. The big problem with Monsanto is its reliance on intellectual property. Rather than on innovation, the ...

Even libertarians wrong on Monsanto Protection Act

Thomas Mullen | 
The following is an excerpt. While the high priests in black robes were hearing arguments on gay marriage, President Obama ...

Supreme Court rejects challenge to embryonic stem cell policy

Cheryl Wetzstein | 
The Supreme Court said Monday that it would not hear a case challenging the Obama administration’s guidelines on embryonic stem-cell research. The move ...
Steve Sailer s x

Genetic effects on intelligence and society

Joseph Cotto and Steve Sailer | 
Fewer subjects are more controversial than the study of genetics and its relation to just about every facet of human ...
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