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Viewpoint: GMO, CRISPR-edited crops can cut pesticide use—if environmental activists do not block them

Anti-GMO activists should take a step back and look closely at some of the benefits that new genetically modified crops ...
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Viewpoint: Activists hurt farmers by fueling public’s disconnect with modern agriculture

Farmers are increasingly frustrated and dispirited by the demands and unrealistic expectations of food advocacy groups and activists such as ...
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Viewpoint: Anti-GMO activists crave a return to ‘simpler times’ in farming. Here’s why that would be disastrous.

The appeal of simpler times, as imagined by wealthy white guys ...

Did the EPA and Monsanto conspire to hide glyphosate’s health risks?

A recent op-ed in the Sacramento Bee repeated the debunked conspiracy theory that Monsanto manipulated the EPA to hide evidence ...
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Viewpoint: African farmers blocked from using life-saving GMO bananas by European activists

Anti-biotech groups funded by Western activists campaign against the commercialization of GMO crops in Africa, such as a new disease-resistant ...
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Hidden hunger: How anti-GMO activists are blocking humanitarian biofortification in Africa and Asia

Many crops grown in the developing world are deficient in nutritional qualities--which makes biofortification critical if we hope to improve ...

Activists behind Zika virus conspiracy theories, Argentine pesticide birth defect scare

South America's suffering from a number of epidemics. The worst one may just be misinformation ...

Despite activists’ claims about glyphosate dangers, there’s no cancer spike in Argentina

Anti-GMO activists have claimed that cancer rates in farming regions of Argentina have spiked. Interviews with local experts paint a ...
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