Viewpoint: Psychology is more mythology than hard science

Viewpoint: Psychology is more mythology than hard science

In our secular age, many people no longer turn to sacred books to understand who and what they are. Psychology ...
What was life like for Neanderthal women?

What was life like for Neanderthal women?

Neanderthal women very likely did hunt some or much of the smaller game we find in sites, such as tortoise, ...
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How extensively did the Vikings explore the Americas a millennium ago?

Around the year 1000, Leif Erikson set sail from Greenland and landed first in ‘Stone-slab land’, then ‘Forest land’ and ...
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Viewpoint: There are only two sexes. That doesn’t invalidate the biological reality of transgenderism

There’s no need to reject how biologists define the sexes to defend the view that trans women are women. When ...
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What caused anatomically modern Homo sapiens to evolve into behaviorally modern people?

At some point, from around 40,000 years ago in Europe, we see evidence of these behaviourally modern humans in a ...
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What physicists get wrong about free will

It might seem that everything that’s happening at the higher, ‘emergent’ levels should be uniquely determined by the physics operating ...
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Were the mythical ‘ebu gogo’ creatures of New Zealand distant human relatives?

An ancient legend from the Indonesian island of Flores speaks of a mysterious, wild grandmother of the forest who eats ...

Deconstructing the idea that consciousness is a ‘spooky’ illusion

These days it is highly fashionable to label consciousness an ‘illusion’. This in turn fosters the impression, especially among the ...
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Viewpoint: Neurodiversity movement hurts people with autism by ‘romanticizing’ the disorder

In the past decade, neurodiversity’s popularity has grown enormously, largely because of the buzz surrounding Steve Silberman’s book NeuroTribes (2015). Today, the ...

Revising human history: Asian paleoanthropology reveals human, Neanderthal relationships

[T]he first analyses of Neanderthal DNA seemed to indicate that Neanderthals and modern humans did not interbreed. But this popular ...

Searching for life in 3-billion-year-old fossils: Will we know it when we see it?

Geologists examining fossils in rocks help us to gain purchase on the conundrum of what constitutes life by identifying its ...
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