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Why GMOs aren’t responsible for a spike in food allergies

What's behind the rise in food allergies? There are a lot of possible answers to this, but it's probably not ...
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Viewpoint: GMO crops could reduce, even eliminate, dangerous allergens in common foods

My brother was in his mid-20s when he developed a food allergy....[H]e discovered that his unpleasant side effects occurred whenever ...

From salt to hand sanitizer, corn is in everything. What would life without it look like?

When Christine Robinson was first diagnosed with a corn allergy 17 years ago, she remembers thinking, “No more popcorn, no ...
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DNA test could help people with severe food allergies avoid peanuts

For people with severe peanut allergies, eating even minuscule amounts of the legume can trigger anaphylaxis -- a life-threatening condition ...

Early warning child allergy detection system? Competing theories of how to inoculate children against developing reactions

Allergic reactions to foods can strike young children without warning. Now, a controversial blood test may be able to detect ...

Asthma and Atopic March Syndrome caused by GMOs? Science says ‘No’

Anti-GMO activists have lumped together a lot of allergic reactions into a syndrome caused by GMOs. Asthma shows how wrong ...
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