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‘Looks can be deceiving’: People with anorexia don’t always look scrawny or malnourished

[A]dolescents and young adults with disordered eating habits or outright eating disorders often go unrecognized by both parents and physicians ...
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Could common infections be causing eating disorders?

Infections might, in fact, spark eating disorders in some people. For the study, Lauren Breithaupt, a clinical psychologist at Massachusetts ...

Chasing origins of anorexia: Are there genetic links to the complicated disorder?

Anorexia has long been treated as a psychological condition. But recent research, including a landmark genome-wide association study, are prompting scientists ...
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Anorexia linked to metabolism in DNA study, opening new treatment avenues

The way we treat anorexia may be changing, thanks to a new study linking the illness to metabolism. The study, ...
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