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Do you get dizzy when standing up? Here’s why

New York Times | 
A significant number of falls and fractures, particularly among the elderly, are likely to result from orthostatic hypotension — literally, ...
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‘Looks can be deceiving’: People with anorexia don’t always look scrawny or malnourished

New York Times | 
[A]dolescents and young adults with disordered eating habits or outright eating disorders often go unrecognized by both parents and physicians ...
5-17-2019 phage news

Podcast: CRISPR advances, HIV cures and a perfect predator for superbugs

Genetic Literacy Project | 
Exploring the latest advances in medical biotechnology including CRISPR-based gene therapies, infection-fighting viruses and a cure for HIV. Plus reflections ...
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Viewpoint: Why consumers should reconsider ‘blanket opposition’ to GMO crops

New York Times | 
It’s human nature, it seems, to resist change and fear the unknown. So it is no surprise that genetic engineering ...

Why we need a ‘dispassionate’ look at GMOs

New York Times | 
Despite myriad assurances from scientists that foods containing genetically modified ingredients are safe to eat, consumers are likely to see ...
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Jane Brody: Anti-GMO movement needs to rethink fear-based opposition

New York Times | 
A review of the pros and cons of G.M.O.s strongly suggests that the issue reflects a poor public understanding of ...

Genetic and maternal factors play larger role in neonatal brain injuries, long blamed on lack of oxygen during birth

New York Times | 
It was long assumed that brain injuries in newborns resulted from insufficient oxygen during labor or delivery. Distressed parents often ...
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Breakthroughs in prenatal screening

New York Times | 
Improvements in medical science make it prenatal screening tests that can detect chromosomal problems in the fetus accurate and commonplace ...