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Viewpoint: Fish farming has a sustainability problem and genetic engineering might be the solution

As the world endures the impacts of a rapidly changing climate—sea level rise, extreme weather events, warming and acidifying oceans ...

Omega-3 GMO canola oil, poised to reduce overfishing, ready for sale into global aquaculture market

THE first commercial quantities of omega-3 oils grown from canola in the US by Nuseed are ready to sell into ...
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Saving seafood: Lab-grown microalgae could help sustain the world’s overfished oceans

Oceans once teeming with life are being whittled away. Larger, predatory fish – salmon and tuna included – are now ...
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GMO crops and insects help stem overfishing, protect vulnerable marine ecosystems

For the first time in history, humans are poised to harvest more fish and seafood from farms than they catch ...
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How market forces, self-regulation and GMO crops are making fish farming more sustainable

More sustainable aquaculture and better-managed fisheries are increasingly actionable for consumers ...
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Food myth busting: Is tilapia a toxic ‘frankenfish’?

Posts were appearing on my Facebook feed warning against the dangers of eating tilapia. So I decided to do a ...
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Organic movement schism? Fight over hydroponics puts $50 billion industry in limbo

The USDA's ruling that crops grown using hydroponics and aquaculture can be labeled organic set off a heated debate over ...
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