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How NASA’s struggle with radiation-resistant microbe could help us understand infections

Bacteria have infiltrated sterile rooms NASA used to build space equipment. Studying what happens to them in outer space could ...
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‘Origins’: Humans have been shaped more by Earth’s evolving geography than by genetics

In astrobiologist Lewis Dartnell's newest book, Origins: How the Earth Made Us, he outlines how geology has shaped human evolution ...

TRAPPIST-1 mini-planetary system and what it means for the spread of life between worlds

Only a few dozen known worlds as small as the rocky worlds of our inner Solar System and orbiting within ...

Searching for extraterrestrial life: Finding the right communication technology

Scientists are looking for evidence of extraterrestrial communication across interstellar space. But what if other intelligent life forms are using ...

Searching for ET in our Solar System requires methodical approach

The quest to find life in our Solar System is focused on locating planets or moons with the right chemical ...
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GMO seeds could be critical for extended space travel, colonization

If we hope to colonize space, scientists must figure out how to feed astronauts on journeys that could last years ...

Are we alone? If not, why hasn’t anyone dropped by Earth for a visit?

Scientists disagree on the probability that advanced extraterrestrials exist somewhere in the universe. Among the biggest arguments against aliens is ...
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Chemical fingerprints: Sensing emotions in a theater and life across interstellar space

How can studying carbon dioxide release from people watching a movie help us detect life on other planets? ...
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NASA’s spaceflight DNA sequencer: What will it do for science and medicine?

DNA sequencing equipment will be on board an upcoming mission to space. If Martian microbes exist, then this is one ...
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Did life begin in intense heat or cold? Maybe both

Earth's Archaeon eon, the time when life emerged, may not have been as hot as scientists had previous thought. But ...
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Where should scientists focus search for extraterrestrial intelligence?

As scientists continue to probe the far-reaches of the universe for other intelligent beings, some are suggesting we switch our ...
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