screenshot beer in ancient egypt

Ancient Egyptians loved beer. Here’s the recipe they used to brew it

The ancient Egyptians loved beer. According to Mohamed A. Farag, a Professor of Chemistry at The American University in Cairo: ...

5 classic American foods CRISPR gene editing could protect from climate change, declining yields

Football is back.... Here are five tailgating classics that gene editing could improve: Beer Anyone who has ever watched Super ...
beer bread cheese bottle horz

‘Circular sustainability’: Beer makers turn booze into bread to combat food waste

The efforts of the beer industry point to significant progress in the battle against food waste ...
sprayer b

Will glyphosate residue in beer and wine raise your cancer risk? If you drink 8 gallons a day

How much should we be worried? Not at all ...

Genetic analysis reveals mysterious evolution of brewer’s yeast that makes beer possible

The strain of brewers’ yeast used to make beer, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, derives from versions used over thousands of years to ...

Activist group finds drinking 140 glasses of wine a day could expose alcoholics to potentially harmful levels of the herbicide glyphosate

A new report by the public-interest advocacy group U.S. PIRG reveals that tests of five wines and 15 beers....found traces of the controversial ...
michelob ultra pure gold

Viewpoint: Michelob’s ‘Pure Gold’ organic beer won’t preserve your health or the environment

Beer companies often use sex to sell their beers, but Michelob Ultra is reinventing the beer commercial by advertising something ...
IPAs HopCones pix

Scientists could produce ‘green’ beer with CRISPR-edited yeast, but consumer fear of GMOs may stand in the way

First came the IPAs and then the double IPAs, triple IPAs, and imperial IPAs....Like most hipsters, I love a good hoppy ...
e c e image

Talking Biotech: How barley gave us pregnancy tests, beer and helped launch an agricultural revolution

Dr. Sheila Adimargono joins Kevin Folta on this week's podcast to discuss barley's role in plant domestication and the development ...

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