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Biofortified GM crops may be a long-term solution to global micronutrient deficiencies

Over two billion people worldwide suffer from micronutrient deficiencies due to insufficient intake of vitamins and minerals. Poor sections of ...
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Zinc-fortified crops may fight diabetes, cardiovascular disease in poor countries better than supplements

The double burden of malnutrition is a rapidly growing global health problem. Many populations now face the combination of undernutrition ...
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Viewpoint: No, Whole Foods Magazine, there’s no plot to sneak GMOs into our food

....Last week, Whole Foods Magazine (yes, that's a thing) published an article written by a lawyer, Scott C. Tips, about an evil plan to ...
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Hidden hunger: How anti-GMO activists are blocking humanitarian biofortification in Africa and Asia

Many crops grown in the developing world are deficient in nutritional qualities--which makes biofortification critical if we hope to improve ...
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