Interactive Infographic: Human body of the future with artificial organs, bionic eyes, lab-printed bones and more

Technology has changed the game for medical professionals across the past few decades. It’s hard to imagine where we’d be ...
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Reinforcing the human heart: Integrating human cells, electronics and nanomaterials

Future of heart care: Cardiac patch that doesn't merely beat, but also provides monitoring and, if needed, electrical stimulation and ...
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Enhancing humans: Becoming a cyborg could end up as a privilege of the wealthy

Within the next 200 years, humans will have become so merged with technology that we’ll have evolved into “God-like cyborgs” ...
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Transhumanism and 2016 Presidential race

Trump? Clinton? Johnson? How about Zoltan Istvan, he's the Transhumanist Party 2016 presidential candidate ...
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Robot exoskeletons: Medical applications far ahead of military use

Otherwise non-ambulatory people are learning to use robot exoskeletons to get up from their wheelchairs. Military applications portrayed in science ...
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