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Interactive Infographic: Human body of the future with artificial organs, bionic eyes, lab-printed bones and more

| July 2, 2019

Technology has changed the game for medical professionals across the past few decades. It’s hard to imagine where we’d be without some of the innovations which have been introduced. The good news is things only look set to improve further.

That’s what RS online think anyway. They’ve highlighted some medical marvels we have to look forward to in one of their latest infographics. Some of the most exciting things which might be introduced in the coming years include:

  • An artificial pancreas. Capable of regulating someone’s blood sugar levels and adjusting the level of insulin needed accordingly. This is achieved with the help of a high tech gel.
  • Thought-controlled leg. Robotic body parts aren’t just confined to the world of science fiction anymore. This device would attach itself to nerve endings in your leg, allowing you freedom of movement purely thanks to brain power.
  • Sense upgrades. This sounds crazy, but it’s theorized by 2035 we may be able to upgrade ourselves with extra senses – such as being able to detect when radiation is nearby.
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Excited about what the future might bring? Be sure to check out the full infographic below to find out more about what the future has in store for the healthcare department.

This infographic originally ran at RS Components as ‘The Future of the Bionic Body‘ and has been republished here with permission.

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