India’s anti-GMO activists claim biotech eggplant contains ‘poison’ in bid to end illegal crop cultivation

There is no scientific evidence to prove that genetically modified crops are unsafe, the Union Environment Ministry told  [parliament on ...
Market Bangladesh with brinjal eggplant

Indian farmers grow illegal insect-resistant Bt eggplant to control destructive pests, as government lags on approval

Farmers in Haryana and experts fear widespread contamination of genetically modified (GM) brinjal or eggplant in the state with a ...
NEWSCI GoldenRiceInventor CROP original original

Viewpoint: Despite anti-GMO opposition, poor farmers will finally plant ‘life-saving’ golden rice

Golden Rice which has been genetically engineered to have higher levels of the vitamin A precursor beta-carotene is finally about ...

A look at the neglected ‘1%’ of biotech crops that slashed chemical use and boosted yields

Last year on SAIFood we discussed the benefits of the four major genetically modified (GM) crops, canola, corn, cotton and ...

GMO Bt insect resistant eggplant accounts for 20 percent of Bangladesh market, sells for 6 times conventional

Eggplant is a staple in vegetarian diets throughout South Asia, and one of the cheapest vegetables to procure by resource-poor ...

Despite anti-GMO ‘whispering,’ Bangladesh says ‘science-based information’ will guide its biotech policy

Bt eggplant, or brinjal as it’s known in Bangladesh, is the first genetically engineered food crop to be successfully introduced ...
GMOs e

How consumer-friendly GMO foods could change minds about biotech crops and animals

Editor's note: This article is part two of a three-part series by Marc Brazeau on his 2018 predictions on food, ...
CSIRO ScienceImage Diamond back moth Plutella xylostella

Talking Biotech: Using GMO insects instead of pesticides to fight diamondback moth, other crop-killing pests

Cornell entomologist Tony Shelton: Using GMO insects to control diamondback moths—a global pest that quickly evolves resistance to insecticides ...
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