new drug combo could help immune cells target and destroy cancer cells

‘Like trying to hit a moving target’: Why it’s so difficult to attack cancer with targeted gene therapies

We are, it seems, still a long way off from a cure, in any ordinary sense of the term. Yet ...

Targeting cancer cells by ‘putting the brakes’ on their ability to mutate and evolve

The vast majority of cancer deaths in the US come about not because of a lack of treatment, but because ...

Promising cancer-fighting tactic—using nanoparticles—runs into a potential glitch

The challenge of chemotherapy is to kill off the tumor cells without doing too much harm to healthy ones. The ...
blood test for diabetic complications cancer web

‘Simple blood test’ could give us an early warning system for cancer

As of 2020, there are now targeted therapy drugs for 30 kinds of cancer. As part of this whirlwind of innovation, ...
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‘We need it now’: Why precision medicine isn’t doing enough for children with cancer

Precision medicine, the concept of giving the right treatment to the right patient at the right time, is flourishing in ...
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How our bodies protect cancer and why this could be key to better chemotherapy treatments

Tumors resist chemotherapy with help from a surprising source: nearby normal cells. Researchers are developing workarounds ...
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These drugs could replace chemotherapy with fewer ‘disruptive side effects’

A class of drugs is emerging that can attack cancer cells in the body without damaging surrounding healthy ones. They ...
2-11-2019 cancer at home boy

Rethinking cancer care: Home-based treatments may be right around the corner

Imagine having cancer and being told that most of your treatment will happen in your home instead of a high-tech ...
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Can aggressive cancer cells be transformed into ‘harmless fat’?

Imagine if you could turn aggressive cancer cells into harmless fat. Scientists in Switzerland say they've done just that, in ...

A more modest goal for CRISPR: Making chemotherapy ‘a bit less terrible’ for patients

Ambitious efforts to prevent or beat cancer are important, but we can’t overlook or undervalue the incremental breakthroughs that could ...
Witch Hunt for Alternative Practitioners

Choosing an alternative cancer therapy cuts survival chances, study shows

Cancer patients who use alternative therapies may be more likely to shun conventional treatments and risk their chances of survival, ...
Screen Shot at AM

Questions about wisdom of early mammograms raise stakes for genetic profiling

Conflicting screening recommendations are sure to confuse women — which raises the importance of factoring in genetic factors in risk ...
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