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Colombia aims to restart aerial glyphosate spraying of coca crops under pressure from US

Alhough coca crop size fell 9% in 2019 to the lowest level in six years, the capacity to produce cocaine ...
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Next glyphosate fight? Colombian farmers challenge government plan to reinstate aerial coca crop spraying

Pedro Arenas is afraid that they'll take flight again. "I expect it could be within the next months," he says ...

Trump urges Colombia to restart aerial glyphosate weedkiller spraying to wipe out coca crops

Colombia will have to restart aerial spraying of the herbicide glyphosate in order to destroy crops of coca, the chief ...
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273 Colombian farmers sue government spraying glyphosate to destroy coca plants used to make cocaine

The Colombian government faces 273 lawsuits stemming from damages to crops, land and water caused by the spraying the herbicide ...
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Can a skin patch thwart cocaine overdoses?

There are nicotine patches to help quit smoking, and then there’s this: patches of actual skin, genetically engineered to produce ...
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