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Video: Cryogenics could help people ‘cheat death’. But will those bodies ever be thawed?

Until the day he died, in 2011, Robert Ettinger hoped humanity would figure out a way to cheat death. Today, ...
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Terminally ill California man is first to undergo cryonic preservation after assisted death

A terminally ill patient who opted for assisted death has undergone cryonic preservation at the Alcor Life Extension Foundation. This ...
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Frozen in time: You can be cryogenically preserved, but will you ever be revived?

Preservation technologies promise the ability to suspend life for decades or even centuries. That would come with all sorts of ...
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Human preservation: Will advances in cryobiology change science fiction to science fact?

Cryonics may sound very sci-fi and many liken its followers to those of some 'New Age religion'. Yet cryonics could ...
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