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Podcast: Tracing humanity’s roots: uncovering history and genetic diversity in Africa

We explore the genetic diversity in the birthplace of humanity and discover the cultural and historical stories written in the ...
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We can’t embrace machine learning in healthcare without ‘serious vetting’ of the underlying data

Given that machine learning in the health domain can have a direct impact on people’s lives, broad claims emerging from ...
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How the pursuit of better education, career opportunities may be creating regional genetic inequalities

Highlighting non-ancestral genetic differences could be an important step in alleviating the harmful results of social stratification ...
4-25-2019 facts medieval crusader state armies

Medieval crusader armies had remarkable genetic diversity

Crusader armies were made up of people from remarkably genetically diverse backgrounds, hailing not just from western Europe but also much further ...
3-9-2019 genetics diversity

Viewpoint: Genetic research can’t fulfill its potential without greater diversity in study populations

Genetic differences exist between people of different ancestries. That means genetic studies that focus on just a handful of populations ...

Big Fat Failure

A closer look at the genetics of failure—why we fail to lose weight thanks to our genes ...
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Improving personalized medicine may demand more diversity in clinical trials

Hispanic Americans have higher levels of diabetes and less access to health care services, yet they live on average about ...
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Human evolutionary theory challenged in global study by diversity of birth canals

The shape of a mother’s birth canal is a tug-of-war between two opposing evolutionary forces: It needs to be wide ...

Geneticist Carlos Bustamante’s effort to make DNA databases less white

In the 15 years since the Human Genome Project first exposed our DNA blueprint, vast amounts of genetic data have ...

What are the odds that aliens might actually look similar to us?

In his new book, Equations of Life: How Physics Shapes Evolution, Charles Cockell from the University of Edinburgh makes the argument ...

Challenging our understanding of the genetics behind the evolution of human language

The evolution of human language was once thought to have hinged on changes to a single gene that were so ...

Why biodiversity might not always be such a good thing for our health

While some think of the "dilution effect" as settled science, some ecologists argue that claiming conservation will broadly reduce disease ...
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Why racial diversity in genetics studies matters in patient care

DNA is approximately 99.5 percent similar across all humans. But there are key differences in that remaining half percent. Those ...
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Anti-GMO myth busted—We’re not losing plant genetic diversity after all

Anti-GMO activists and even some science publications claim GMOs are accelerating the trend toward a drastic loss in biodiversity. They ...
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