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Biotech startup aims to challenge ‘Big Ag’s’ dominance in the US seed market

Farmers don’t have a reputation for skewing to the political left, but just get them talking about seeds. At an ...
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US farmers to plant new biotech soybeans as DowDuPont receives final international regulatory approval

DowDuPont Inc has won the final international regulatory approval needed, from the Philippines, for a global launch of a new ...

Slow-moving bureaucracy in the Philippines could block launch of new GMO soybeans in US, Canada

A Philippines regulator poses an unexpected obstacle to DowDuPont’s launch of a new line of genetically engineered soybeans in the ...

China’s decision to import next generation US-grown GMO herbicide-resistant crops will help American farmers struggling to fight hardy weeds

China’s approval of new genetically engineered crops will open a new front in U.S. farmers’ long-running war against hard-to-kill weeds ...
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